Our House is Your House

The Crew-Our House is Your House

All Bios currently being updated with class schedules and links to Mindbody signups. Thank you for your patience.

Our House Crew

Christy Chapman

Owner and Operator

Caitlyn "Cait" Hogan

Julie Wolff

Michele "shell" Luccketta

Spartan, Geek, Fitness, nutrition

Adam Lloyd

Catch his classes in the Fight Club Room at Our House Studios: 

8:30 am Wed &Fri – Adults     
5:15 pm  Mon & Wed-Youth

Terrence Banks

The Team

Deidre Chappelear

Lorrie Edwards

Eric Turner

Cara Winget

Stephanie Sexton

Site Content

Brennon Pamplin

Mistina Franklin

Antonio McMath

Ginger Sillery